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You need to set some clear boundaries and expectations. I am furious at your son for the inappropriateness of his reaction and the fact that he stepped all over your personal boundaries. Originally Posted by Mom31 You need to explain to him that you aside from being his mother are also a human being and a sexual human being at that.

(And my friend has a much closer relationship to this man than her own dad.) This story actually came up during a discussion about me being single with kids etc.

I mean I am saddened he hurt any child, but the first article sated there were kids in the home. However, as a victim of a sexual assault he can not be named. However, if he becomes an RSO how's that going to work?

I have been single for 5 years and just began dating 18 months ago. When my friend realized that her mom was my age (38) when it happened, she felt terrible about over-reacting such a long time ago.

Last night he came over to my home after our date and while we were having sex my 17 year old, who was supposed to be at his dad's house for the night, came into the house, heard us and yelled for us to stop. But my friend was 17 at the time and was horrified! I can't say how you should handle it, but your son overreacted and was very disrespectful to you.

Especially horrible is she has two children in the home. It seems to be an attempt to undo the loss, a wrong, twisted, perverted attempt to respond to the "attraction" that happens between people who are genetically related. Was it because she planned on telling he hurt a child? He is an adult and it's not alleged she somehow forced him.

She said she was confused because she wanted to have loving feelings for him but he was a stranger and she was always confused about what real love from a man was. Link to article Mum should have known it was wrong though... who cares if they *felt something* if you have any inkling that someone is a relative.. sweet, tear jerking 4-5 line stories one MUST read after reading true crime. It may be the result of the mother's desire to "reconnect" with her child. Afterall he is the one that went to the police and got the order of protection from the mom. I find it very hard to understand why the son would be considered a victim of sexual assault.

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