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Co-creator and storyteller-in-chief Murphy heads up the drama department at Shine, the production company responsible for Merlin. It’s the balance between humour and action and fun and a bit of darkness and scariness. Not only does this den-on-wheels give the actor somewhere to relocate himself inside the story, it also generally guarantees him some much-prized privacy.It’s him, along with his co-heads Julian Jones and Johnny Capps, who came up with the idea, pitched it to the BBC and wrestled up sufficient funding (Murphy says the Beeb’s cheque doesn’t cover the budget of the show which “costs a lot to make – more than something like Spooks”). Something that’s funny on the page, once you put people in costume, surrounded by tents, you cross a Monty Python line very, very quickly.” He pales slightly at the thought of it. Outside a moment ago, two middle-aged French women with lit cigarettes, oversized sunglasses and high-heeled leather boots (one had a shiny black pair, the other hot pink) wandered onto the set and asked a crew member for Bradley’s phone number.There are 13 episodes in this season and Merlin has already been renewed for a fourth season of 10 episodes by the BBC.The BBC is supposedly already talking about possible specials and/or a fifth season.And he dismisses any notion of trying to beat the BBC's No1 drama Doctor Who, insisting that Merlin's sword-and-sorcery and the Time Lord's sci-fi travels could happily co-exist without rivalry.Asked if he wanted to see Merlin weave a spell to the top spot, he said: "I don't think we will ever need to take over from Doctor Who - there is more than enough room in the world for both." Bradley - who says his own hero is his mum and admits he relies on his youthful metabolism to stay in shape for the numerous shirtless shots - also rejects any criticism that the title of the show may not be the right name for an ensemble piece.Under the next tree along sits Nadine from Stuttgart. Second time this year.” Nadine’s husband looks impenetrably at us. “The last time,” she says happily, “we came back with 2,500 photos.” One person beneath them on the set whom even the most ardent fan could be forgiven for not recognising is Julian Murphy.

“I’ve just done this programme Injustice, and they watched episode one, which I’m not in,” he says.While jobbing writers are hired to concoct the dialogue, it’s Julian and Johnny who ultimately decide what happens to Arthur, Merlin, Gwen et al. “You’ll have to go through the producer,” the wary staffer told them.In response, the pink-booted one threw her chin in the air, screwed her fag into the ground with a spiky heel and said, in a scorned voice, “D’accord! He slides his thumb under the glued-down flap and peers, ever so briefly into the gap. ” He’s either genuinely surprised or he’s a very good actor.Here in the states, Syfy will likely wait to see how season three performs before purchasing the rights to any more. The Magic Of Camelot Returns With Season Three Premiere Of Merlin Friday, January 7, At 10Pm On Syfy New York – December 8, 2010 – The magic is back!The popular series Merlin, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Anthony Head, returns for a third season on Syfy beginning Friday, January 7, at 10Pm » - TVSeries As magical drama Merlin heads towards the finale of its third series this coming Saturday, actor Bradley James - who plays Prince Arthur - says there are still many exciting stories to tell.

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